Bond Paper thin crisp paper made from linen fiber.
Die The piece of metal upon which a stamp design has been engraved.
Die Proof A Proof in color of issue.
Essay An impression showing a trial design of all or part of a stamp.
Goodall Proof Proofs attributed to Albert Goodall, president of the American Bank Note Co. 1874-1887
For more details and examples see Notes
Hardened Proof A Die Proof with imprint and die number.
Taken from the Die after it has been hardened and can no longer be retouched.
Often there are holes drilled in the Die to assist in the hardening process.
India paper A thin, soft, white, absorbent paper made from bamboo.
Large Proof A Proof with margins large enough to show the full die.
Plate Proof An impression taken of a complete sheet of stamps. Usually printed on India paper.
Progressive Proof Any impression taken from an incomplete version of a final die.
Small Proof A Proof that has margins greater than those of a stamp but less than the size of a die.
Stamp Size Proof A Proof whose margins have been reduced to that of a regular stamp.
Trade Sample Proof A salesman's sample sheet prepared by the American Bank Note Company
Only 10 or 12 complete sheets are thought to currently exist
The sheets were printed in numerous pastel shades using ink that fades easily
For more details and examples see Notes
Trial Color Proof A Proof printed in any color except color of issue
Unhardened Proof A Die Proof with imprint but not Die number.
Taken from a Die that has nor yet been hardened, and thus cam still be retouched.
Vignette The central figure on a stamp. Usually a portrait of the King or Queen.
Wove Paper Paper made on a screen of closely woven wire.
Usually presents an appearance of small dots when held up to light.