American Bank Note Plate Numbers

Canadian Bank Note Co. Die Numbers 1927-1928

The Canadian Bank Note Company was established as a subsidiary of the American Bank Note Company in 1922.

There is some question as to when and even if the Ottawa office of the CBN actually engraved the dies.
The Historical and Confederation issues are generally accepted to have been prepared by the ABN but
there a CBN Co. engraving department backstamp on one proof of the 12c Historical. It should be noted that there is
no imprint showing the engraving company of any of the proofs from these two issues.

It is generally accepted that the CBN Co. did produce the dies for the scroll issue. Certainly there was
something different since the proofs have the word 'CANADA' as an imprint instead of the name of the company.

The die numbers were continued from those used by the ABN co.
The die number consisted of first, the letters 'XG' which may refer to CBN prepared dies;
and second a number which indicated the order in which the dies were prepared.

Die Number
Stamp and Issue
Issue Date of Stamp
XG 147
5c Historical
Jun 1927
XG 148
12c Historical
Jun 1927
XG 149
20c Historical
Jun 1927
XG 169
1c Confederation
Jun 1927
XG 170
5c Confederation
Jun 1927
XG 174
2c Confederation
Jun 1927
XG 175
12c Confederation
Jun 1927
XG 176
3c Confederation
Jun 1927
XG 193
20c Scroll
Jan 1929
XG 194
1$ Scroll
Jan 1929
XG 195
2c Scroll
Oct 1928
XG 196
12c Scroll
Jan 1929
XG 197
1c Scroll
Oct 1928
XG 198
3c Scroll
Dec 1928
XG 199
5c Scroll
Oct 1928
XG 200
8c Scroll
Dec 1928
XG 201
50c Scroll
Jan 1929
XG 202
10c Scroll
Dec 1928
XG 215
4c Scroll
Aug 1929